Episode 2 – Proof of Life


Currently, there are over 100,000 people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.

For a decade, my work spouse, Jonathan “Doctor” Finger, was one of them.

Appalled, I tell you! Simply appalled!

Then, thankfully, miraculously, on March 16, 2010, he got the call.They had a kidney. His name was on it.

This episode is Jonathan’s story from the beginning – the diagnosis, the treatments, the devastation, the near death misses, the gift.

True story.

But it isn’t just Jonathan’s story.

Jonathan isn’t a hero – although, I could argue that he’s MY hero for making me mid-morning coffee in his Chemex each work day. However, his hero, Taylor, can’t speak for herself anymore. When she lost her life, she gave him his. And so…

It’s up to all of us to give her Proof of Life.

#Outlive yourself

Happy anniversary, Jonathan.

xoxoxo, Your Infinitely Wise Host,
Janey McJanerson

This episode was originally recorded (and accidentally deleted) on February 26, 2012 at Acry0nym’s kitchen table. It was re-recorded for good this time on March 4, 2012.

Remember kids: save early, save often. And don’t forget to back up.

FYI: Acr0nym lives within a block of a popular biker bar. Sorry about all the Harley noise, y’all.

Special thanks to Mar at sudux.com for the logo and Paulie Lipman at paulielipman.com for the original theme music.

For more information on topics mentioned in this episode:
IgA Nephropathy
Taylor’s Gift Foundation (includes a convenient online link directory to each state’s donor registry website – sign up to outlive yourself today)
Bacterial endocarditis
Home dialysis
9 News Story about Jonathan and Taylor’s Gift.
Dremel tool 

Yay! Done with RAGBRAI! Can we haz go home nao? Shamelessly stolen from Jonathan's Facebook.

PS Living donation – blood, bone marrow, kidneys – is absolutely a possibility for many/most of us. Consider donating now when you can know the impact. I’m a regular living blood donor – type O negative – as well as a donor at the time of my death. If I thought anyone might want one of my kidneys, I would certainly give it up. I would have given it to Jonathan if I could have.

12 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Proof of Life

  1. Happy anniversary to Jonathan! A friend of mine had kidney/pancreas transplant surgery about 6 years ago. She celebrates the day as her 2nd Birthday – her Facebook page fills up with special birthday love twice a year. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Also, too…I love this blog page. I like the simplicity and all the numerous links for information! Gouda job! >;-}

  2. Just finished listening to the podcast (it took 3 installments-lol). What a moving story! I’m so glad that such a kind person is still with us today thanks to these generous donors. And I agree with the above commenter, thanks for including links to more info!

  3. I am late to the party (story of my life, I swear!), but wanted to say how touching I found this whole story. Several years ago, a six-year-old little girl who lived up the street from us was shot and killed by her nine-year-old cousin (it is difficult not to get infuriated just typing that part, but I’m going to struggle mightily to stick to the positive aspect of this story). Her parents didn’t hesitate to donate every possible organ. In talking with them in the weeks and months after her death, the fact that their tragedy helped so many people was a tremendous comfort to them. Hearing the story from a recipient’s perspective was fantastic. Thanks to both of you for putting this out there.

  4. Ouch. That is so very sad. I’m glad they made the decision to donate and I’m glad they were able to take comfort in knowing they’d helped so many. It’s such a hard question to have to ask parents in the midst of unthinkable grief but I’m grateful for those who say yes.

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