Episode 6 – Naked Jen


Naked Jen exploded onto the blogging scene more than a decade ago, exposing herself – at first, quite literally in all her naked glory – for all the internet to see. Not as porn but to try to convince the world that it was OK to be naked. That our bodies, our skin, are nothing to be ashamed of and should, instead, be celebrated.

This is funny to me tonight as I search back through her archives and realize her first post at nakedjen.com was actually about Mormons and mayonnaise…no nudity included. What’s not funny and is, in my opinion, glorious, is that Jen is truly naked both literally and figuratively – on her blog and in life.

I stumbled upon Jen’s blog a few years ago, after she’d largely discarded Naked Fridays and had taken up blogging from an even more personal, vulnerable, naked place. Everything she said resonated with me and I followed her, stalked her quietly, as she bravely bared her soul to strangers. But that story’s already been documented here.

Through an extraordinary turn of events, Naked Jen and I conspired to meet one another under the guise of attending the Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra concert together here in Denver. The visit is documented here. Suffice it to say that as much as my life changed the moment I scooped her up from the curb at the Denver International Airport, the lives of a number of my friends changed too.

What hasn’t been made available until now is the conversation Acr0nym recorded between Jen and me, now officially forever friends, literally moments before we took her back to the airport on the last day of her visit.

Welcome to the (we tried not to make it so) love fest.

This is Naked Jen.


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